Golf flexibility Wheel

To play consistent pain free golf it is widely acknowledged that one must have a good level of flexibility. This attribute is undoubtably essential and it will give the golfer many benefits physically and also mentally.
Scientic studies have proven that warming your musculoskeletal system prior to physical activity helps prevent onset of injury and improves golfing performance.
Here at the St George's Hill Performance Centre we have divised a wheel of flexibility that we believe covers all of the primary muscle groups that you will need during your round of golf. Follow the protocol that is illustrated and see if your body behaves a little better for you on the course or if those normal painful post golf areas are perhaps not as reactive as usual.
As all of you are aware the golf swing consists of a variety of muscles, and flexibility ensures that your muscles and joints move without affecting your swing. Having a good flexible muscular system also helps prevent the spine taking undue stress.

The shoulders, lower back and hamstrings are often areas where golfers lack flexibility and it is vital to learn proper stretching techniques so you do not over stress your body while stretching.

Flexibility exercises should be performed at least 4 times a week for 10 to 15 minutes (essential before golf!) ideally working through the wheel so as to target the whole body and therefore help keep you fit and supple.

The wheel is relatively stressfree and shouldnt be too difficult however if you happen to notice an issue in your movement or areas of pain, then please let it be known to the anyone of the Performance team or Professional staff in the shop.
Stretching for increased golfing perfomance

Stretching 1 and 2

Stetching for golf

Stretching for golf

Stretching for golf

Calf and Thigh stretch